Premium grading

We believe our uniform and continuous quality is one of the key factors which distinguish us from our competitors. Therefore our grading process is given a lot of attention and we have created our own quality label.

All our qualities with this label have the following properties:

  • All boards are graded board by board
  • All boards are graded after drying
  • All boards get a quality mark
  • All boards are either PEFC 100% or Due Dilligence
  • All boards are checked on KD size
  • All boards are checked on outside colour
  • All boards are checked on MC
  • All boards are dried with absolute minimal deformation
  • All boards are technically advanced produced
  • All boards are from only the best selection of logs

By introducing this quality label we make sure our products can immediately being used and manufactured. Whereby the yield of our products is optimal for the field of use.